About Us

Megaphase Road Marking and Traffic Signs was founded by an underprivileged black woman who had a vision, a dream to empower and create employment for women and the youth. She started off as a distributor and eventually, after a lot of perseverance, in 2009 she had made her dream come true when she started a one hundred percent black woman empowered company in an industry which is male dominated.

Megaphase Road Marking and Traffic Signs is dedicated to the manufacturing and supply of quality signage, road accessories and road marking paint. We are devoted to the manufacturing of cost effective products and motivated by an unwavering commitment to quality. We proudly put our strong emphasis on total customer satisfaction. The company has over the past 10 years developed a competitive advantage in the industry, specified lead times and competitive prices. What's more is that we have acquired a new decoiler machine which will enable us to cut steel and sell it to smaller companies. But the most rewarding part is that this new machine will provide jobs for at least 15 people, 85% of them being women.

To illustrate our growth, our initial turnover in the year 2010 was R352 000 with the latest figure being R8.8m.We are moving forward with our employees and empowering women, youth as we go. Our sense of steadfastness and dedication is what keeps us going.